Interface design

If you are in need of designing your application’s interface (desktop or mobile one for iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android) or even digital equipment interface, then you have come to the right place. We’ll make not just plain prototypes for you, but tasty interfaces!

Visual design

It is widely known that visual appearance of an object affects its perception most. Long preparative work — analysis and interface prototyping — culminates in visual design which shows your product at its best. Visual appearance is crucial: those, who don’t like appearance of an object or UI they are using leave in no time.

User research

Web site or app audience research is a convenient way to look inside the head of your product users without using hypnosis or paranormalists. Why do users leave without registering or buying something? Why have effectiveness lowered after a product was implemented? Why certain banners are being clicked on, and others are not? Why a mobile app gets launched only once? We will help you find this out.

Usability testing

Who knows better than your users if your site or app is convenient or not? Let us help them share their impressions, and let us help you understand how to make your product even more attractive! Imagine a situation when UX specialists can’t get into terms with designers. UX pros say that some interface element makes system more effective, but designers believe that there is just no place for it in the final design. What should you do? You should conduct a usability testing, since it’s the only thing that can help you get a decisive answer to this problem!

Usability review

Are you sure that user interface of your web-site or app is really usable? Does it have high traffic rankings and high conversion as well? Does positive and neutral feedback on your project prevail over negative one?

If you’ve just answered «No» or «I don’t know» to one of these questions, than don’t hesitate: you surely should conduct a usability audit.