User research


Web site or app audience research is a convenient way to look inside the head of your product users without using hypnosis or paranormalists. Why do users leave without registering or buying something? Why have effectiveness lowered after a product was implemented? Why certain banners are being clicked on, and others are not? Why a mobile app gets launched only once?

We will help you find this out.

What do you need it for?

Defining your target audience will help you:

  • Update your view of the project and get rid of all excessive elements, thus cutting development costs;
  • Boost user effectiveness and satisfaction;
  • Get an insight on what attracts your users to competing product;
  • Not create a «Frankenstein» i.e. a product, which has a lot of features «for everybody», but nobody wants to use it;
  • Discover effective marketing channels for you company.

Knowledge of your target audience that vital for designing proper user interface and user experience as a whole. Without this knowledge your investments could be wasted and your project could remain non-demanded.

And even when target audience profile is known, there are lot of user data yet to be learned. Target audience characteristics are numerous; collecting and analyzing this data will help you make proper and effective decisions, make your clients happy and make your business thrive.

Who are to be analyzed?

Target audience research aims for your current users if your goal is to keep them loyal, and it aims for your potential users if the task is to attract more audience.

How to define the target audience?

There are various methods of TA research are – from surveys and questionnaires to activity analysis, web-analytics and content analysis. We conduct qualitative as well as quantitative researches, but our favorite method is so-called «personas».

«Persona» is a generalized profile of a representative of your target audience, that contains information on:

  • User's demographic and psychographic features (occupation, gender, age, habits, computer skills, needs and motivations);
  • User's tasks or goals;
  • Contexts or user's working medium. Workplace, operating system, browser, even workplace illumination could be taken into account!

Having a «persona» at our hands, we design not for some abstract user, but for a live person with his needs and limitations.

Depending on your project features, we will make best strategy of defining your project's target audience together with you.

How much time will it take?

Researching and analyzing target audience will take us from three to four weeks, depending on complexity and scale of your project. Apply for user analysis today, so tomorrow you can become friends with your user and make him happy!