Usability testing


Who knows better than your users if your site or app is convenient or not? Let us help them share their impressions, and let us help you understand how to make your product even more attractive!

Imagine a situation when UX specialists can't get into terms with designers. UX pros say that some interface element makes system more effective, but designers believe that there is just no place for it in the final design. What should you do? You should conduct a usability testing, since it's the only thing that can help you get a decisive answer to this problem!

Of course you can refer to design patterns. But a design pattern itself doesn't ensure good usability, since usability is a complex feature which is influenced by dozens of factors, including rather subjective ones.

A usability testing will help you handle this. We will thoroughly study your project’s users behaviour and turn our observation into a detailed written report.

What and when could be tested?

  • Web sites and web applications;
  • Desktop applications;
  • Mobile applications;
  • Prototypes and design layouts of the things listed above.

Usability testing could be carried out during any stage of development (and best option is to conduct testing iteratively). But even single testing will make final result much better.

What if project details are commercial classified information?

Is your project data confidential or not — no matter what, we stick to the policy of strict confidentiality. Same goes for all the results we acquire in the course of usability testing.

What are the prerequisites for usability testing and how long will it take?

As a rule, testing is divided into three stages:

  • Preparation to testing and looking for those surveyed;
  • Testing;
  • Writing a report.

It takes us three weeks approximately, but time period for doing the work can differ depending on type of testing conducted (qualitative, quantitative, comparative, cross-cultural) and can sometimes amount up to two months.

What do you need for us to initiate testing of a site, an app or a prototype? Not much. Your project itself and your sincere wish to make it more clear and attractive for its users. Apply for usability testing at UXpresso today and tomorrow your project will start becoming more usable and appealing!