Interface design


If you are in need of designing your application's interface (desktop or mobile one for iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android) or even digital equipment interface, then you have come to the right place. We'll make not just plain prototypes for you, but tasty interfaces!

A cup of coffee? UXpresso, please!

So what is the recipe? Write it down: we take your tasks as the basis, add some knowledge of your users, sprinkle the mixture with usability expertise (adding modern trends and tendencies to your liking) and at the end, thoroughly stirring, we make everything perfect. Voila! Dynamic or static prototypes of a user interface are ready.

And what is the result? Even before your software (site, informational system, application) is ready, you will already know how it is going to look like and function, and the interface already makes it with developers, designers and, which is most important to your users.

Interface prototyping services will be of use to you if you are:

  • start-up owner;
  • owner of a product (web-site, desktop or mobile application);
  • developer looking for a partner;
  • a person who got here already knowing about it ;-)

Besides benefits listed above, investitions to interface prototyping significantly cut expenses of developing and designing software. Our clients have already made themselves certain of this.

Marina Serikova, EMAS business school director“I sent prototype created by UXpresso to my web-site developers, and they priced their work half lower than they did initially!”

Marina Serikova, EMAS business school director

If your project is on the stage of a brilliant, but still undeveloped idea, then we will start off from conceptual prototyping (we will unscramble your business goals, define target audience, user needs etc.), and after that we will start prototyping the interface itself. But if you have already got a working application, our service will be of use as well:

  • we will find and eliminate ineffectual UI elements so that your users interact with your application more efficiently;
  • we will add new features so that your product could become more profitable;
  • or we will even prototype the UI from scratch once again if needed.

We use variety of tools while prototyping: from paper to Photoshop, but most of all we like Axure :-) We perform our tasks as transparent for you as possible (we plan it together with you, divide prototyping into clear stages, demonstrate and coordinate intermediate results) and explain thoroughly how we came up with the results we have. If you have specific requests regarding our workflow, don't hesitate to tell us. We will surely consider them and come to terms with you on that matter. Rearranging our working schedule, taking a business trip or even using a new technology – there is nothing impossible. Prototyping takes from 5 to 15 days on average, in case you already have description of your users and their behaviour scenarios. You don't have that data? No problem: we will help you conduct user and task analysis. In general, all we have to have in order to begin working on your project is its description and your readiness to take a little part (define tasks, approve a conception, approve intermediate and final results) in prototyping and designing your project. So start making your project better now and send us all materials you have on your project for us to individually assess pricing and terms for your project. And we promise to reply you within 24 hours!* * – in case our promise is broken, demand 10% discount