Activities performed:

Interface design
Visual design

Redesign of the main page for the project is an online market for construction and repair services. For this project we have developed an interface prototype, design mockups and icons for all types of building services. Our top priority was to simplify getting to know process for two main groups of users: those looking for performers and performers themselves.


We have identified the "pain points "of the existing design:

  • Page header is difficult to grasp
  • It is unclear how to make an order
  • Companies block is uninformative
  • For the executor it is difficult to assess quickly if there are orders for him

The customer expressed clearly his opinion on the current design:

The design is old-fashioned, fonts are ugly, and the site makes an impression of “futile” one
Alexander Vlaskin project director


main objectives:
  • to increase the number of projects
  • to increase the number of performers

We have divided the Add Order form in two, the first part we have placed on the main page. So now on the main page there is “an entry point” which hadn’t existed before and the process of adding order doesn’t seem as complicated as it did.


Anastasia Shchebrova Lead UX analyst

Splitting a complex task into steps simplifies the process in user’s eyes

Next to the form we have placed examples of filled orders to show how they are made by other users and a link to “How it works” page (but in a place where it does not distract from making an order)


In the New Orders block we have provided some place for icons that indicate the type of the project. So it’s easier for performers to understand if there is work on their profile.


In the Best Masters block we have provided extra space for the performer’s description. It’s easier for customer to choose the master seeing not only the "stars "but some information about the performer.


We have made registration button more noticeable, so that it isn’t lost in the overloaded page header any more.


Design reference

The choice of colors has been based primarily on existing logo. Besides orange, we have added to the palette blue and its shades. Dark blue is a stern color; it evokes a feeling of security. Turquoise, beige and brown colors fit the logo colors, remind of warmth and comfort.

We’ve selected photos, which carry a cozy feeling, recall confidence and comfort on the one hand, and on the other fit the chosen color scale.


Icon design

According to our ideas we have drawn icons for each type of repair.

Artem Belonozhko Visual designer

The hardest part of designing icons was to come up with an icon for the sauna. The rest of associations have come across my mind easily, and as a result the images are recognizable.

Main block photos


days of work
Asya Artem


Filling in applications has become twice faster.

Customer testimonial

Alexander Vlaskin
Our new design not only looks great, it is also effective: now our users spend twice less time to place an order online!
Alexander Vlaskin project director

Thank you for your attention!

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