UXpresso at UXpeople conference

On November 30, UXpresso held speech as a Gold Partner at UXpeople conference. The conference began at 9 AM on Saturday, and we helped people to wake up two different ways.

First, Nikita Efimov opened the conference with interactive presentation "Designing playfully". Despite complex reporting format - interactive , everyone in the room actively joined the work, drew doodles, played "apple" game and even practiced empathy a little.

Nikita showed people available methods of turning "on" the right hemisphere in the process of working on interfaces. He taught to get away from situations where the left hemisphere says to the right one: "So, be quiet, I can do it!" and right hemisphere surrenders and transform them to situations where the right hemisphere responds: "Wait, let's look together and decide what we can do", and the left agrees. Nikita also showed how to enable all parts of human brain during brainstorming process of generating new and innovative ideas. And as a result, during the report people actively involved in the process of solving puzzles and drawing.

Secondly, the most active participants were presented with invigorating coffee: the idea was so successful that we had to buy more milk for cappuccino several times. Stack of sheets with completed tasks (including such as "draw a storyboard of the report ", "think of a motivational slogan", "draw a Doodle"), for which it was possible to get a coffee, grew rapidly. The most interesting of them we put in our album on Facebook. Of course, graduates of IT Mine courses (more than 30 of which were present) could get a coffee out of turn.