What do UX and TRIZ have in common?

Andrey Kuryan held an additional lesson on Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) for students of ITMINE usability/UX training center on November 8. The topic of the lesson was "TRIZ in UX". During the first part of the lesson, students practiced several methods of generating new ideas including the method of focal objects and morphological analysis method.

During the second part of the session Andrey Kuryan told about basic principles of application of TRIZ and its methods for solving problems in engineering and business systems.

In the final part of the meeting there was a discussion on the problems and contradictions faced by the project UX analysts and how TRIZ methods can be used by UX analysts to solve such problems. Participants have offered several cases of problem situations for analysis and tried to seek for solutions to the problems identified in these situations on their own.