Dasha and Ilya at SEF.BY2Students-2014

Last Saturday «SEF.BY2Students-2014» was held in Minsk for the fourth time and we were there for the fourth time too :) Ilya Gorchakov and Daria Kosilo presented «One does not simply... UX designer’s look at the usual things»:


Photos and video will be available at Forum’s official site after December the 15th. Meanwhile, word of mouth:


What were you speaking about? Why had you chosen this topic? :)


Ilya: We were speaking about our UX specialist’s view on everything around us, how we keep noticing those inconsistencies, issues made by someone who designed things. We see that some of the users’ interests were not taken in account, some context, etc. We start pondering how we would improve this or that. That doesn’t mean we are always walking down the street fixating on each thing :)

We have chosen this topic cause we knew there would be students at the Forum and students don’t like boring long stories. They like to be inspired in a fun, informal way…


Dasha: ...well, we have done our regular job which is people-orienting! :)


Ilya: we knew not all of the attendees are interested (or will get interested) to make UX design their future carrier, that’s why we wanted to tell everyone one doesn’t have to be an experienced UX designer to make the world better. The important thing is to be concerned and to use empathy in your job.


How long ago were you students yourself? Have you heard about UX those days? And how did you know?


Ilya: I feel like it was very long ago as in a past life. But I have finished studying at university in 2011 :) The last two years while studying I was working at internet-marketing agency. That’s why I learned pretty quickly about usability. But what is UX I have heard at the first time not so long ago — about a year and a half.


Dasha: And I was a student recently! I noticed absurd things sometimes and thought: why, oh why are they like this? What was in their creator’s mind? And I imagined the way I would do that, a better way :) At first I decided this might be done with Business Analysis :) So I took the BA courses. And there I learned about usability and UX and realized: this is it, this is what I want.




Ilya: I wish that the students no matter what they will choose as their carrier were not indifferent to the things around, always thought about people they provide with their product or service, showed empathy for their users and customers.


*Dasha joins wishes*


By the way, for student’s inspiration we awarded three people with UX related books for The best selfie with Forum speakers and The coolest UX fail photo. Our selfie runs hors concours :)


For those who wonder why people miss Yuri Vedenin this year, we repeat his last year’s presentation «Usability testing simplified»:

Video from STS official site.


UXpresso at in 2012 («How to become a usability specialist», Anastasia Schebrova) and even in 2011 («Business Analysis 101», Yuri Vedenin).