STS.SEF.BY Forum resume

STS.SEF.BY Forum in 2013 will be remembered for its casual atmosphere and positive attitude of participants. As always, the students' curiosity has done its work: the speakers have had great, appreciative audience. Worth noting that a lot of listeners, apparently because of their modesty, addressed to the speakers with questions not during their reports, but after them; however, it did not prevent them from learning new things.

This time, the Belarusian community of analysts, as well as ITMINE and UXpresso companies were represented by Yuri Vedenin and Roman Bakanovich.

In addition to informative reports, UXpresso also offered tasty coffee to forum participants. Many were happy to perform simple, but interesting tasks and to get a hot drink. You can find photos from the event on our Facebook page.

In general, the forum participants were able to see almost a dozen of IT companies and to communicate with their staff, ask them questions.

Thus, the forum can be recommended to all students and young professionals who are interested in the sphere of IT.