Our work at Russian Digital Games

Members of our company Nikita Efimov (UX guerrilla) and Artem Belonozhko (designer) presented their work at Russian Digital Games competition in “Usability & Design” nomination.

First of all, we focused on how to help a new and inexperienced in aquarium husbandry person. Therefore our interface immediately offers the easiest aquarium to maintain (among those available in store). And of course it offers a "gentleman's kit", without which it is practically impossible to have a fish: a water filter, compressor, lighting modules , thermometer, aquarium cleaning supplies and the right amount of soil.

For a clearer buying process we display all “positions” (though we hardly dare to call fish "positions") added to the order. Well, who likes to look at a simple list? Also such list makes information more difficult to be read.

"Smart" configurator identifies incompatible fish, thus helping a novice to make his first aquarium . Changing the amount added to the order may be made in several places, protecting people from moving eyes and mouse cursor from one side of the screen to another.

And of course a user gets a clue about how he needs to take care of his aquarium. It is worth noting that tips change when different "positions" are selected, thereby helping people to make informed choices. After all, the aquarium volume, the amount of fish and its other inhabitants can infleunce caring conditions.

The winner of the contest will be chosen by the highest number of votes by the three types of voting. The votes are made by the jury, users of Runet-ID and social networks. Vote for our work on the contest site.