E-Commerce Belarus 2013

Last Friday, November 22, an important event for online businesses in Belarus took place. “E-Commerce Belarus 2013” conference on the topic "Business Secrets from the e-commerce market leaders" was held. On this day some of the most successful practitioners who achieved the best results on the market gathered in one place. They told about main trends in the area, shared methods and technologies that they use in their business. It was also possible to meet online shop owners, representatives of online payment systems, Internet marketing professionals, professionals in logistics, advertising and many other interesting people. We were not left behind as well and brought to attention of listeners of the conference a report on the main mistakes related to usability, which are often made by developers of online stores thereby reducing conversion rates. The speech was held by Nikita Efimov and Svetlana Radkevych. In their speech these two usability professionals told about main causes of high bounce rates during online purchases and how these problems are closely related to poor usability. Guys tried to understand the most common mistakes and exemplified them by existing online stores. They also provided practical advices and simple solutions to such problems. Particular attention was paid to main “sore spots” of any online store : 1. Site navigation, the trust factor and how it can be connected with the loss of a client; 2. Search function: how to help visitors find exactly what they need and how to speed up input of a query using search suggestions; 3. Item cards and how a good image costs more than thousand words, “magnifying glass” effect and problems of items scaling. How “call to action” buttons must be visible and literally call to action, rather than calling the question "how to buy it?" and "how much does it cost?"; 4. Shopping cart and its organization; 5. The main steps of a purchase, and why mandatory registration on a site, without which it is impossible to place an order, becomes an obstacle to the purchase.