Bonus courses at ITMINE

ITMINE education center is always pleased to offer its students bonus courses that will help them further develop the skills that are necessary for work.

Thus, for groups specializing in business analysis and usability we offered two bonus training seminars: "Effective Presentation" and "Personal efficiency".

"Effective Presentation" training was to teach students to make quality presentations to acquaint them with the basic rules of making and holding of presentations, as well as to talk about basic errors that should not be tolerated in the course of preparation and performing of presentations. Under term ‘presentation’ in this course almost any public performance was implied, no matter whether it occurs before a large audience, or in a narrow range of stakeholders.

The training helped our students to prepare for their business analysis and usability/UX diplomas defense. We also hope that the knowledge gained during the training will be useful to them in their future work, which very often is the need to present the results of their work to other people, as well as to persuade, to convey their point of view and influence the outcome.

The training lasted 4 hours. At the end of the training, each tried his hand as a speaker and received feedback from the group and the trainer, including advice on posture, gestures, style and speed of speech.

"Personal effectiveness" training was to encourage students to focus on developing their own personality, as the level of development and awareness of personality traits plays an important role in a successful career and life.

During the training the role of consciousness in achieving success were discussed, participants also talked about emotional intelligence (EQ) and its role, as well as of various kinds of emotional experiences. Most of the sessions was devoted to mindsets (values, goals, visions) and types of character and personality that were dismantled on the basis of several popular techniques in the developed world.

During 6 hours of training listeners actively worked on tests and practical tasks, allowing them to look deeper into their inner world and understand that most of the qualities a person can develop on his/her own as well as the fact that a mature person does not behave as he or she wants, but so as the circumstances require.

We hope that these training methods to work on one’s personality will become useful for students. We also hope that many of them will go on in the field of self-development because personal qualities are the key to personal success in life!

Both training seminars were led by Victoria Butich, the new director of ITMINE training center.

After receiving comments from the students, it was decided to include training on effective presentations in the main program of courses on business analysis and usability/UX! New groups will be formed shortly.