About us

We design interfaces for programmes, websites and mobile applications, occasionally even notebooks (which means do not hesitate to contact us with unusual suggestions, we are open-minded people). We also help to improve interfaces with the help of user research and usability reviews. We love drinking coffee but it never interferes with our work, only makes it better.

Yuri Vedenin

Managing director

Anastasia Shchebrova

Director of UX

Alexandra Privado

UI designer

Iryna Zdanevich

Visual designer

Kirill Abrazhevich

Front-end ninja

Ilya Gorchakov

UX analyst

Yana Tkacheva

UX designer

Igor Silakov

HTML/CSS Developer

Svetlana Kozlova

UI designer

Dmitry Gurendo

Project Manager

Yana Sanko

Experience Analyst/Org Designer