User interface design

  • increases profits
  • saves time, effort and money
  • helps to catch up with competitors and leave them behind
  • gains users’ love

Visual design

  • attracts users
  • pleases the eye, creates a mood
  • emphasizes the advantages of the project

User research

  • guarantees a project’s success
  • ensures users’ loyalty
  • secures a competitive advantage

Usability testing

  • identifies weak points and helps to eliminate them
  • helps users to achieve their goals in the most efficient way
  • increases users’ loyalty

Usability review

  • favours increased profits
  • guarantees a project’s success
  • increases users’ loyalty
  • excites competitors’ envy

CJM Cheat Cards

CJM Cheat Cards

We designed a deck of cards created to help UX designers during customer journey mapping workshops.



We developed branding for the bag manufacturer company.

MTX Сonnect

MTX Сonnect

An app that assists activating and setting up SIM-cards for unlimited internet access abroad, helps people to keep track on the balance, save money and always stay online.


Mark Mullins
I have seldom worked with such an effective and professional team. They honestly earn 10 stars out of ten for their performance. I highly recommend their services.
Mark Mullins, CEO, Aha! Insights Inc
Isabelle Ohnemus
It’s a pleasure to work with the team at UXpresso.
Isabelle Ohnemus, CEO, EyeFitU

About Us

We design interfaces for programmes, websites and mobile applications, occasionally even notebooks (which means do not hesitate to contact us with unusual suggestions, we are open-minded people). We also help to improve interfaces with the help of user research and usability reviews. We love drinking coffee but it never interferes with our work, only makes it better.